Social Work and Environment for Rural Advancement

Thrust Areas


SWERA believes that apathy of layman towards education is the crux of a string of our socio-economic problems. It has adopted 'education and awareness generation' as key strategy to struggle with the same.


Livelihood and Women Empowerment

Sustainable livelihood development has been one of the major thrust areas of SWERA since its inception. It has adopted microfinance as key strategy to lift people out of the vicious circle of poverty.


Health Issues

As stated in its mission statement SWERA has sincere concerns for rural health. It is working on health education, reproductive and child health, and environmental health.


NRM and Climate Change

Since its inception SWERA has concerns for management of natural resources. At present it is engaged in promoting biodiversity by planting medicinal and other disappearing plant species.


Equine Welfare

SWERA is committed to making a difference by improving the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules. Large number of people in Rajasthan depend on these animals for their livelihood.


Human Rights and Advocacy

This is a cross cutting issue. It derives and contributes to all the above mentioned themes.